Interested in an Africa Photography Workshop? This is something we do! Craig Parry Photography conducts photography workshops in Africa every second year. Adventuring off the beaten track and into the African wilderness, these premium photography experiences are designed to leave you with lifelong memories and the photos to make everyone jealous! 

I’ve just returned from Africa, where I spent two weeks traversing the untamed terrain of Botswana in search of the region’s famous wildlife. It’s a journey I look forward to every couple of years and one I love sharing with my photography students. It gives me the chance to step out of a wetsuit and push my creativity in an entirely different direction while also learning about different animal behaviour.

Botswana is one of my favourite destinations for workshop safaris in Southern Africa. It has a low population of just over 2 million people. The country is roughly the size of France. And about 39% of its land is set aside as protected wildlife areas making it a true nature conservation success story and a nature photographer’s paradise.

Botswana Journey Map

Over the course of the journey our mobile safari took us from Muan, through the Moremi Game Reserve, Khwai Concession to Chobe National Park. From sunrise adventures to sundowner cruises, cameras were at the ready and not a single opportunity was missed with high levels of interactions occurring every day.



While tricky to narrow down, here are some of my favourite moments from the journey –

Moments with the African Elephant. So many beautiful encounters with these incredible giants. The first image was just before the rains fell with a stunning rainbow at the water hole. The second, a mother stops and gaze’s into the setting sun as its calf feeds.

The King

Hello Hippo! Show me your huge smile 🙂

A Kingfisher dives for dinner 

If you’re interested in joining us on an Africa Photography Workshop adventure in 2021, be sure to get in touch. Next time we’ll be heading to Tanzania. The workshop is completely private for our small group and will take you to some unique places not traditionally covered by safari companies such as Lake Natron and Mafia Island. More details are available HERE


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