Limited Edition and Original artworks crafted to life by world renowned nature photographer Craig Parry and Australian artist Warren J Fox. Merging the two mediums, photography and illustration, the duo have created a rare collection of oceanic and nature artworks. Striving to bring greater awareness around the impact, we as humans, have on the world around us. READ ON….. 

Two of Australia’s finest artists have joined forces to create a collaborative art project. The idea to merge the two mediums of photography and illustration, has resulted in a vision titled: PROJECT ‘PAIKEA’.


Limited Edition Artwork - Project Paikea

Born from a desire to bring awareness to the impact humans have upon nature and its creatures, the series successfully seeks to push the boundaries of art and its subject matter. In doing so each artist was required to break away from their own established concepts around photography and illustration. Only to dive deeper into their own respective artistic fields.

“I am incredibly proud to have partnered with Warren to create this exciting series of Original and Limited Edition artworks,” said Craig. “Witnessing the transformation of each image and having the opportunity to step outside the traditional constraints of any artistic medium is always a pretty special process. Challenging commonly held perceptions is the only way change can occur and by inviting audiences to join us in deconstructing traditional notions and presentations of photography, illustration and nature we feel that we have created the opportunity for reflection and conversation”.


Project ‘Paikea’ has its foundation within the ‘Two Originals’ – a concept created by Warren J Fox. Together Craig and Warren carefully selected a series of Craig’s award winning images which they felt would captivate and engage audiences, connecting them to the purpose of the project. Using the photography, Warren referenced the images to embark on the illustrating journey, creating the first set of Original artworks. The first in the collection is based on ‘Honu’ (Green Sea Turtle). Over a period of around 100 hours the illustration came to life, with the final piece holding true to the depth and detail of Craig’s photographic image.

Limited Edition Art - Project Paikea

The next step was to overlay the illustration with the original photograph. Warren’s focus was to then ‘let go’ as he ripped the two artworks in half, a process which whilst perceived as deconstructing and somewhat destroying, in fact birthed two entirely new artworks – two original pieces which demand a breathtaking, new found respect for art.

Limited Edition Art - Project Paikea


Continuing on the momentum, Warren has also created 10 Limited Edition pairs. Each of these was created by taking a print of his original illustration, as well as a smaller print of Craig’s photograph, overlaying them and ripping these in half to create a Limited Edition from the Original Artworks. 

The next in the series is the ever popular Leopard Shark. Same approach, yet ripped vertically, to compliment the contour of this beautiful creature gliding through its own domain.

“Intuition is an amazing way to create in life,” said Warren. “After almost 9 years in London, the pull to return home was undeniable. A trip last year in 2017 led me to Craig’s gallery, where his images did nothing but captivate and inspire me. Into the new year, intuition taps me on the shoulder, not once but three times – the whispers of ‘contact Craig Parry’ led me to a conversation that sparked this vision, a seed that formed Project ‘Paikea’. It started with the Sea Turtle, now the Leopard Shark, plus two more on the drawing board, so to speak. An exciting venture, that has already gained exposure and momentum. Connecting to the higher vision of the Oceans seems to fuel our two creative passions. The end result, a project with endless scope.” 

The full process of creation can be viewed HERE.


The final result of the collaboration consists of two subjects – The Sea Turtle and The Leopard Shark.

Each subject has two Originals, equalling four in total. Each Original work has been created using Fabriano 250gsm stock, with the completed composite image presented within a carefully hand crafted frame produced from furniture grade hardwood timber.

The subject also then has ten smaller Limited Edition artworks available, each sized at A2 and sold together as a pair. 

Every Original and Limited Edition artwork comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity, an Engraved Signed Plaque – Gold style for the Originals and Silver for the Limited Editions. 

Each is available for purchase. We encourage expressions of interest to Contact Us for further information. 


Both Craig and Warren are delighted to announce the launch of Project ‘Paikea’. To celebrate the occasion, the duo will be donating funds from the sale of artworks to support the work of Australian Sea Bird Rescue, an organisation whose strategic objective is to reduce the human impact on wildlife through rescue, research and education.   


CRAIG PARRY (Photographer) 

Craig Parry is a multi award winning oceanic and nature photographer of international acclaim, based in Byron Bay, Australia. 

His fine art photography offers a unique insight into the world around us. Primarily focusing upon marine and landscape imagery, subjects are presented in their natural environment in a manner which seeks to connect audiences with the environment. Portraying the obvious as abstract, Craig’s images are engaging and beautiful at the same time.

As Sony Global Ambassador his work regularly sees him travelling to all corners of the globe in pursuit of new adventures and unique encounters. He can often be found working with the likes of National Geographic, Discovery Channel and Travel Channel.

For more information on Craig and his work visit HERE.

WARREN J FOX (Illustrator) and the art of ‘Two Originals’ (in his own words…) 

“The more my illustrations became detailed the more i felt something was missing. The creative process, like many artists, would leave me wanting to destroy my art, and start all over again. This ever occurring feeling of deflation, gave birth to the ‘Two Original’ concept. Ripping the final illustration in half to bring it to life.

The idea was ballsy to say the least and the end result wasn’t an exact science. Ultimately it would be ruined and with no real purpose behind it, the art would have no meaning. Even then, was I really willing to rip it up? Kind of pointless as an art exercise with no ‘real intention’ to make something of it.

Sitting with the idea, I wasn’t sure how it would make me feel? What was I trying to prove? With closed eyes, I ran through the process. Ripping up the illustration was becoming more and more crazy an idea, yet the idea kept on evolving… What if I overlaid the photography, same size and scale? Two separate art mediums – then rip it in half. Two pieces would merge, only to be ripped to complete a transformation of both artworks.

That’s how it’ll work! ‘Two Original’ began to ring louder than ever. I would be crossing boundaries that I haven’t crossed before. It wasn’t about the detail, it was something more. I was still left with an aching question… Why would you rip up an original? I had to give it a go…. After delving into the medium I quickly found the process gave me more than I could ever imagine. You learn to let go of what you believe it should be, and a new creation emerges.” 

For more information on Warren and his work visit his website HERE. 

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