Top 10 Nature Images of 2018

From the skies to the sea here are our Top 10 nature images for 2018. Each moment was snapped by Craig as he ventured out into the world in search of scenes and subjects depicting the incredible diversity which surrounds us.

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Craig Parry Underwater Photography Whale

The Secret to a Great Image

A native of Byron Bay on the coastline of Northern NSW, it was his parents’ gift of a disposable waterproof camera at five years old that set Craig Parry on the path to becoming one of our finest underwater photographers. Entirely self-taught, Parry worked at his craft before making a […]

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Migaloo and Milo

Migaloo + Milo

Migaloo and Milo Along the east coast of Australia it’s that time of the year again. Not only is there a daily abundance of whales cruising our shorelines but we’ve all gone a little mad in anticipation of this guy – MIGALOO. Arguably the most well known humpback whale in the […]

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Project Paikea: Art for the Oceans

Limited Edition and Original artworks crafted to life by world renowned nature photographer Craig Parry and Australian artist Warren J Fox. Merging the two mediums, photography and illustration, the duo have created a rare collection of oceanic and nature artworks. Striving to bring greater awareness around the impact, we as humans, […]

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Australia Photography Workshops

Byron Bay Photography Workshops

BYRON BAY PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS The art of ocean photography is like no other. It takes an awareness of the external elements and the ability to be able to read, understand and make the most of what’s going on beneath the surface. The challenge can be great, but the satisfaction when […]

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Photography Tip: Post Production

Photography Tip: Post Production with Craig Parry You’ve been out shooting all day. You’ve captured some epic images. You can’t wait to share them with the world. But first, post production. The editing process of photography is just as vital as capturing the image. Here, you can keep things relatively natural, […]

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Hello Hawaii The Big Island

Photographing Hawaii presents endless opportunities for epic landscape and wildlife images. With incredible diversity between (and within) each island it can be hard to narrow down where to start, so to get you started here’s my guide to one of my favourite places – the Big Island. Hawaii is a […]

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