For the past week I’ve been in hiding from Winter. Taking a little hiatus up at 1770 on the coast of central Queensland, the days have been spent free diving along the Great Barrier Reef in 27 degree waters.

It’s a pretty spectacular part of the world, full of colour and marine life – there’s no questioning that this location deserves its listing as one of the seven wonders of the natural world.

Below are some of my favourite images from the trip to give you a little taste of what lies beneath the ocean’s surface right in our backyard.

Everything you see here is available for purchase, so if you see something you like just drop me an email to discuss options.

Until next week.


Detail   Detail | Buy Now

Flinders Reef  Flinders Reef | 50km off the mainland

Lady Musgrove Island   Lady Musgrove Island | 60 feet deep

Craig-Parry-Photography-3   White Tip | Buy Now

Dolphins | Bolt Reef   Dolphins | Bolt Reef

Great Barrier Reef | Water Portal  Water Portal | Great Barrier Reef



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