Photography Tip: Post Production with Craig Parry

You’ve been out shooting all day. You’ve captured some epic images. You can’t wait to share them with the world. But first, post production. The editing process of photography is just as vital as capturing the image. Here, you can keep things relatively natural, or make a statement to stamp your personal style. In this month’s video workshop tip, I walk you through the editing process I currently use to create my award winning photos… Check out the video link below…

Adobe CC 2017 - Photoshop RAW workflow intro with Craig Parry
Introduction to Photoshop RAW Workflow

Thanks to everyone for sending in their their camera and photography questions – keep ’em coming and if there’s something specific you’d like me to cover in an upcoming newsletter be sure to let me know! If you’re interested in getting into aerial photography be sure to check out the blog here where I explain the ins and outs and photography tips of this fun technique.

In other news, we’ve been collaborating with a bunch of impressive tech legends to bring to life an automated chatbot called Craig Parry – Behind the Lens. The Facebook Messenger based service means that with the click of a button you can journey through my favourite images to discover the story behind them and learn how they were captured. We’d love your feedback on the feature so check it out using the ‘Message Us’ icon below and feel free to email us with any comments.

Craig Parry - Behind the Lens

Here’s hoping your May is awesome – see you in the surf.


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