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Eye Spy | Tonga - Humpback Whale Tonga

Eye Spy | Tonga – Ocean Photography

A majestic Humpback Whale powerfully glides from the ocean’s surface back to the safety of the deep blue waters of Tonga. An action so often viewed from the surface, this unique perspective shows the calmness and control of the Humpback Whale as it re-enters the ocean. Tonga provides a safe […]

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Sleepy Heads | Tonga - Humpback Whale

Sleepy Heads | Tonga – Ocean Photography

A moment of rest and connection between a humpback whale mother and its calf. The bond between the pair is strong and beautiful to witness. This ocean photograph was captured in the clear waters of Ha’apai, Tonga. The region provides a safe haven for the migrating humpback whale to birth […]

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The Tale of Migaloo | Byron Bay

The Tale of Migaloo | Byron Bay – Ocean Photography

This special image of Migaloo was captured off Byron Bay in 2016 as the rare albino humpback whale made his annual migration along the east coast of Australia. One of only two known albino whales, the beauty and majestic nature of Migaloo has captured the hearts and minds of many individuals around the globe.

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Calf | Tonga

Calf | Tonga – Ocean Photography

A humpback whale calf floats in the vivid blue waters off the coast of Tonga, closely monitored by its protective mother. A humpback calf and their mothers form powerful, nurturing bonds, often navigating the world’s oceans together for many years.  The deep colour pop of blue in this stunning ocean photograph […]

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Sky High | Lennox Head

Sky High | Australia – Ocean Photography

Humpback whale photography can capture moments of power and grace. Here, showing a true display of beauty and strength, this mighty humpback whale effortlessly launches itself above the ocean’s surface. A sight to take your breathe away, it is a manoeuvre which is also humbling to observe. This ocean photograph […]

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Fin Swipe | Tonga

Fin Swipe | Tonga – Ocean Photography

A Humpback Whale gracefully glides its fin through the warm currents of the Pacific Ocean, leaving a bubble trail in its wake. This image took out top honours in the ‘Under Exposed’ oceanic category of the Outdoor Photographer of the Year Awards (2014).

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Welcome | Tonga

Welcome | Tonga – Ocean Photography

Watch as this enormous humpback extends a welcome, as his fin reaches out of the depths, beckoning you into his underwater world. Welcome | Tonga gives you a glimpse at the magnitude of this whale. The deep blue colour palette of this image looks great in a clean and bright […]

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Remora | Tonga

Remora | Tonga – Ocean Photography

Go eye to eye with this female humpback whale as she and her friend swim into the inky indigo waters of the Pacific Ocean. The abstract quality of this image, with its moody colours, adds to the intriguing air of mystery that envelopes her as she glides into the deep.   Their […]

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Trio | Tonga

Trio | Tonga – Ocean Photography

Three humpback whales dance and spin for the camera – a trio of whales who all wanted nothing more than to be photographed! This whale photograph is one of many spectacular moments captured in the warm waters of Tonga. It is a paradise sanctuary through which the humpback whales pass each year on their migration.

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Tail Up | Byron Bay

Tail Up | Byron Bay – Ocean Photography

A stunning and memorable ocean photograph of a humpback whale raising its tail towards the sky as the powerful creature prepares to dive to the depths below. Framed by the peaks of Wollumbin National Park in the background, the movement of the whale tail is monitored by a solitary bird […]

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Slap | Byron Bay

Slap | Byron Bay – Ocean Photography

You can almost hear the slap of this humpback whale’s fin as it rolls and frolics in the ocean off the coast of Byron Bay. The commonly seen act of a fin slap by a humpback whale is thought to be an example of them communicating between each other.  So […]

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