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Minke Whale Photography Expedition

  Cameras and wetsuits at the ready…the underwater world awaits. Join world renowned ocean photographer and nature photographer Craig Parry on an exciting Minke Whale Photography Expedition on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef – the only place in Australia where these majestic whales can be experienced underwater. Come Join Us Each […]

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Minke | Great Barrier Reef Australia

Minke | Great Barrier Reef Australia – Ocean Photography

Printing  Offering exceptional image clarity and brilliant colour reproduction with a high-gloss metallic finish, all our artwork is printed on fine art metallic photographic paper. Framing and Finishes Our fine art prints are available in a wide variety of framing options and finishes. Our signature items are as follows: – […]

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Dwarf Minke, Big Questions

The known is dwarfed by the unknown when it comes to Dwarf Minke whales, a subspecies recognised only relatively recently.    Though smaller than many of their cetacean cousins, at 8 metres and curious for close contact in groups, they have immense power to overwhelm with joy the fortunate few […]

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Sky High | Lennox Head

Whale Watching in Byron Bay

Whale watching in Byron Bay is something every nature lover needs to experience. Spotting the ocean’s gentle giants as they play against the magnificent backdrop of one of the world’s most pristine marine parks is something you’ll remember for a lifetime. As one of Australia’s most renowned nature and ocean […]

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Top 10 Nature Images of 2018

From the skies to the sea here are our Top 10 nature images for 2018. Each moment was snapped by Craig as he ventured out into the world in search of scenes and subjects depicting the incredible diversity which surrounds us.

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Australia Photography Workshops


If you’re looking for photography workshops in Australia, then look no further. From beginners to experts, our sessions are custom designed to meet your needs and will elevate your photography to the next level. The art of ocean photography is like no other. It takes an awareness of the external […]

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