Being an ocean photographer was always a life dream for Craig Parry. One which he was fortunate to turn into a full time profession at an early age. Now the ocean, wildlife and adventure photographer can be found travelling the world seeking out un-captured moments and unique encounters to share with the world.

For this Byron Bay based photographer and Sony Ambassador it is a life less ordinary, full of magical moments and rewarding experiences. His work offers a unique insight into the world around us. Primarily focused upon marine and landscape imagery, subjects are presented in their natural environment. This is done in a manner which seeks to connect audiences with nature. The objective is to instil a respect for and love of the environment and promote conservation. Often portraying the obvious as abstract, Craig’s images are engaging and beautiful at the same time.

Last year Craig sat down with the team at Sony for an in depth chat. Here he shares some insight on what drew him to the profession; what has been his professional highlight (so far!); and some camera and shooting tips for water based photography and nature photography. He also chats about the story behind one of his favourite images Nemo | Australia and provides some motivating advice for aspiring photographers.

Watch the video now and be inspired!

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