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Pipeline | Hawaii

odyssey | The Island of Hawaii

The Island of Hawaii is a destination that calls to me each year, tempting me back time and time again. Its diverse landscape, surf breaks and marine life are consistently awesome to photograph. A the ‘aloha spirit’ makes it the perfect place to unwind. As a nature photographer, one of […]

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Migaloo | Byron Bay

Meeting Migaloo – the story behind the images

On Tuesday morning Migaloo, the white whale, made his much anticipated migration up the east coast of Australia past Byron Bay. For a nature photographer moments like these make all the long days and missed moments worthwhile – patience really does pay! It is natural that I also often get asked […]

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Byron Bay_NSW_ Australia_Craig Parry Photography_5

odyssey | favourite wave photographs

I’m often asked which are my favourite wave photographs from around the globe. It’s a tough one, but there are some which for me definitely stand out from the pack. My pick of the bunch can change week to week, but currently I’m loving some of my old and new wave photography from Byron […]

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Byron Bay_Craig Parry Photography

odyssey | welcome

Odyssey: A long journey full of adventure. A series of experiences leading to knowledge and understanding. Or an epic weekly newsletter by Craig Parry Photography sent directly to your inbox. We all know that sometimes the weeks can be long. Stuck somewhere behind a computer, the mind will drift off to places […]

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London Times publishes Emergence

London Times publishes Emergence – an image recently captured by Craig Parry Photography on assignment in Tonga. The unique split shot shows the moment a female humpback whale spy hops as she plays for the camera. In late 2014, Craig followed the Humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) as they migrated through the waters of the Kingdom of […]

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