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Craig Parry Ocean Photography

All about ocean photographer Craig Parry

  Being an ocean photographer was always a life dream for Craig Parry. One which he was fortunate to turn into a full time profession at an early age. Now the ocean, wildlife and adventure photographer can be found travelling the world seeking out un-captured moments and unique encounters to […]

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Craig Parry Underwater Photography Whale

The Secret to a Great Image

A native of Byron Bay on the coastline of Northern NSW, it was his parents’ gift of a disposable waterproof camera at five years old that set Craig Parry on the path to becoming one of our finest underwater photographers. Entirely self-taught, Parry worked at his craft before making a […]

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Craig Parry Aerial Photography Byron Bay surfers

Aerial Techniques for Surf Photography

Back in 2013, Craig met with Fred Pawl from The Australian to discus his innovative aerial techniques for surf photography and how the whole artistic process evolved. Read on below to hear how it all started…     For most operators, small unmanned drones and helicopters offer an opportunity to […]

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