Craig Parry is an inspiration to the world of photography. World-renowned, highly awarded, and boasting a huge international following, Craig’s journey had humble origins.

Growing up in Byron Bay Northern NSW, Australia, it was his parents’ gift of a disposable water proof camera each birthday from the age of 5 yrs until his first 35mm SLR at the age of 13 that set young Craig’s course.

Entirely self-taught, Craig worked hard at his craft before making a life-changing decision and becoming a professional photographer in 2004. A defining moment in Craig’s life.

Craig’s stature as a photographer has been indisputably confirmed with his receipt of the award ‘International Landscape Photo of the year for 2014′.

Craig’s masterworks include “Life and Death”, “Emergence” and “Dolphin Silk”. Each Limited Edition release has been greeted with great enthusiasm by collectors and art enthusiasts.

Craig wants to continue to capture the world’s landscapes and oceans and inspire people to take care of the environment and encourage environmental conservation.